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Certiport Testing Schedule

Certiport Testing has resumed in September 2022. Please SIGNUP Below (Department Chair:

Certiport Testing resumed, please see below
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Below please find the sign-up sheets for the Fall Certiport testing dates:

We test Microsoft Office Applications, such as, Word, PowerPoint and Excel and QuickBooks Packages

Please enter your information on then Certiport Testing Sign-Up sheet of your choice below by clicking on the appropriate link below.  

Exam Fees:
- $35 with a voucher (for proctor fee)
- $75 without a voucher (this includes exam and proctor fee)
Pay the fee at the Bookstore before testing.  Bring CASH or CHECK for the fee.  

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Certification makes a resume stand out

Adobe asked current and aspiring digital media professionals about the essentials for launching a successful digital media career.  When asked what would make a digital media professional's resume stand out in lieu of experience, 61% said a demonstrable knowledge of digital design tools and 44% said digital media certifications from a top-tier company.  The entire survey field agreed that certifications can help candidates prove their skills to prospective employers.  In a Microsoft Certified Professional survey, 91% of hiring managers said they consider employee certification as a criterion for hiring.