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Career Technical Education:  


You are not alone!  Many students face the same issues and struggle to make education a priority.  Our staff and teachers are always willing to give you the attention you need to feel comfortable and to help you develop the career skills you need to succeed.


Certificate Programs

  • Accounting/QuickBooks

  • Bookkeeping

  • Cisco

  • Computer Fundamentals

  • Medical Office Assistant

  • Microsoft Office Essentials (MOE)

  • Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

  • Microsoft Word and PowerPoint

  • Microsoft Excel and Access

  • Essential Office Skills for the Workplace

  • PC environment.

  • Microsoft Office version 2013

  • Quick books version 2013


Classes Offered

Review the Schedule of Classes by clicking the link below and pick the classes and locations that are best for you.  
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This instructional program prepares individuals to perform any combination of the following tasks: apply the accounting cycle for both a service and merchandising business through closing the books for a sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation; select and use appropriate computer hardware and software to develop, process, and maintain accounting records and create reports; create and maintain subsidiary ledgers; prepare, analyze, and interpret financial statements; apply procedures for asset acquisition and disposition and analyze and calculate depreciation methods; create budgets, design flexible budgets, and make capital budgeting decisions.

File:Intuit QuickBooks logo. ...

We are a QuickBooks Certified Testing Site

In the QuickBooks class students are using version 15.  Students enrolled in this course are learning relevant computing skills found in most offices today. Intuit® QuickBooks, the industry leader in managerial accounting software for small business, provides an easy-to-understand platform for students to grasp accounting concepts while honing skills in the most prevalent bookkeeping application in small business today. Students can validate their QuickBooks knowledge at the end of the semester by becoming an Intuit QuickBooks Certified User (QBCU).

Full-Charge Bookkeeping: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

A full-charge bookkeeper is one who performs all of the bookkeeping tasks of any small business, including payroll taxes and monthly financial statements. Students, if you are  interested in working towards a career in Bookkeeping, this course if for you!  This course covers terminology, hands-on tasks (such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Payroll Taxes), topics (like insurance and industry Specifics) and relevant forms  - everything from the job interview to financial statements, and more.  At the end of the semester students will have the opportunity to become certified.  The certificate reads {Certified Full Charge Bookkeeper} and it will be an independent verification of your skills for potential employers.

Job Outlook  for Accounting and Financial Clerks

Employment of financial clerks is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations.


 Fundamentals for the Medical Assistant

Medical, Record, Health ...

All students are encouraged to enroll in the fundamentals class at the same time as one of the medical courses listed below.  In the Fundamentals for the Medical Office course you will become familiar with the software program Microsoft Office 2016.  You will learn how to perform basic tasks such as saving, naming, and using the web as a research tool.   All lessons throughout the course will familiarize you with medical terms and forms commonly used in a medical office.  Learning the fundamentals of the medical office is priceless when working in the medical field.  Students taking this course will greatly enhance their employment value.    Even if you know  medical fundamentals,  refreshing your knowledge may be beneficial.


Medical Office Administrative Services


This course will provide an overview of the nature, organization, and function of healthcare administrative services. Instruction includes topics such as healthcare reform, healthcare costs and services.  Students have the opportunity to learn the practical application of leadership, communication, team building, decision-making, problem solving, as well as conflict and negotiation.  Students, also, have the opportunity to experience volunteer work in the field. Working with and receiving feedback from staff employed in the medical field (for example doctors,  nurses, radiologists, caregivers, respiratory therapists etc.)  Students, if you are  interested in working towards a career in the medical field, this course if for you!  This course has opened the doors for many students, who are now employed at Regional Hospital, Foothill Community Health Center, dental offices, and more.   Take advantage of this great opportunity.

Electronic Health Record Specialist

... lpha-ehr-poster4B copy ...

The Electronic Health Records Specialist is responsible for maintaining the integrity and protecting the privacy and security of patient information.  EHR Specialists perform some or

all of the following tasks:  audit patient records and clinical information for inclusion into reports, perform basic coding to submit claims for insurance reimbursement, process release of information requests for medical records, collect and review patient records and insurance information. This course prepares students for jobs as Electronic Health Records Specialists and helps them develop skills required for their medical profession. The software for this course is very detailed and thorough.   

Job Outlook for Medical Office Administrative Services

Employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 15 percent from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations. The demand for health services is expected to increase as the population ages.


Google Applications 

This course is project-based and designed to provide students with hands-on use of Google Sheets, Google Docs, Maps, Sites, Hangouts and Presentations -e

very thing Google!  At the same time, you will learn about computer concepts such as Cloud Computing and the internet. You will learn how to effectively use technology and internet resources as you develop teamwork, communication and presentation skills in a variety of formats.  At the end of the semester you will have your own website and be able to demonstrate your skills in what is commonly known as Google Suite.  A set of intelligent Google apps including Gmail, Docs, Drive and Calendar to connect you to the people in your business or personal life.


Microsoft Office Essentials (MOE)  v2013

  • Word and PowerPoint File:Microsoft Word 2013 logo. ...Open ... Fall Semester

  • Excel and Access Microsoft Excel 2013 logo.svgOpen ... Spring Semester  

Over the course of a year in the Microsoft Office Essentials course series you will learn to use Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access; two applications per semester.  In the fall semester, you will learn PowerPoint and Word.  In the spring semester, Excel and Access are offered.  You will be able to complete the entire suite in two semesters.  This is a great class for career and academic minded students.  The Word and PowerPoint class is perfect for beginners.  These skills will make you more competitive in the job market.  Upon completion of this course you can move on to the advanced certification course and become a Microsoft Certified Specialist also known as MOS

      We are a Microsoft Certified Testing Site

Microsoft Applications: Word, Excel  v2016

A full semester, one day per week is offered in each application.  If you have completed the MOE coursework and want to move on to a more in-depth understanding of Word or Excel, enroll in these courses.  Word is offered on Tuesday and Excel is offered on Thursday in the morning.  In each course you will start the semester with the basics (such as the ribbon, using help etc.) By the end of the term, you will be prepared for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification course which is offered on Monday mornings.


Microsoft Office Specialist also known as MOS

Students who enroll in this course are preparing for the Microsoft Office Specialist exam.  The ideal student is one who has taken at least one semester of the Microsoft Office classes here at the adult center or is proficient in the application in which they want to test.  Students will prepare on a daily basis for the test using the GMetrix software program until they reach a passing score on the practice test.  It is an independent study class with the teacher assisting students individually as needed.  You may choose on which application to focus.  You will certify on one  application at a time.  If you would like to read more about the certificate check out this site

Our program offers testing in version 2016 of Microsoft Office.  

CISCO Networking Academy

IT Essentials:  PC Hardware and Software

This curriculum provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level information and communication technology (ICT) professionals. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of PC technology, networking, and security, and also provides an introduction to advanced concepts.

Students who complete this course will be able to describe the internal components of a computer, assemble a computer system, install an operating system, and troubleshoot using system tools and diagnostic software.

Upon successful completion of the academy, the student will be prepared for the Comp TIA+ certification exam. The Cisco Academy is offered at the Overfelt Adult Center only.

Network Engineering: Home and Small Business 

This course prepares students for jobs as network technicians and helps them develop skills required for computer technicians.  It provides a basic overview of routing and remote access, addressing, and security. It also familiarizes students with servers that provide email services, web space, and authenticated access. Students learn about the soft skills required for help desk and customer service positions, which helps them prepare for industry certification exams. Students perform a great deal of hands-on work on routers, switches, and firewalls as they learn to design, build, and maintain data networks using some of the most powerful enterprise network technologies of the day. The course covers some of the most powerful technologies used on enterprise networks including wireless networks, Virtual LANs (VLANs), Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP), traffic management with Access Control Lists (ACLs), dynamic routing, and Wide Area Network (WAN) technologies.  

Essential Office Skills 

The ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT NCRC®) is an industry-recognized, portable, research-based credential that certifies essential skills needed for workplace success.  During this one semester course students will prepare to take the NCRC assessment.  Students use practice tests each week until they reach a passing score and feel prepared to take the online test which is administered in class.  Students also work on career development projects such as researching job outlook information so that they can use that information to  create a PowerPoint presentation.  Google applications such as GMail, Calendars, Sheets and Docs are just some of the skills covered during the semester.    


  • Job seekers and current employees improve their career outcomes

  • Students prepare to succeed in a variety of career pathways

  • Possess a document that provides evidence of your skills

The ACT NCRC is awarded at four levels, based on the scores achieved.  WorkKeys® assessments measure “real world” skills that employers believe are critical to job success. Test questions are based on situations in the everyday work world. For more information go to

Classes are free!  Books are required for some classes. Check with your teacher
Book Prices are subject to change














Microsoft Office Essentials (MOE)

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Microsoft Office Specialist




Medical Office Administration

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Fundamentals for the Medical Office




Electronic Health Records

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Cisco IT Essentials
Cisco Home & Business




For more information contact

Joyce Alvarado, CTE Department Chair

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Phone: 408-928-9399




·           Become a Microsoft Office Specialist

·         Prepare yourself for achievement in the classroom and workforce

·         Develop skills that are valued by many companies and organizations

·         Obtain a prestigious certification to add to job applications or resumes


·           Become a QuickBooks Certified User

·         Obtain skills in the most prevalent bookkeeping application in small business today

·         Gain skills that will help you tackle the most difficult QuickBooks challenges

ACT – National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

·         Receive the National Career Readiness Certificate, a certification accepted by over 10,000    employers nationwide as a reliable way to verify individuals' work skills

·         Use WorkKeys to master the skills to receive the NCRC

·         Improve your career outcomes


·        Give your career a boost with the title "Certified Full-Charge Bookkeeper" (CFCB)

·        Learn how to perform all of the bookkeeping tasks of any small business, such as payroll taxes and monthly financial statements


·         Receive a certificate for Pediatric First Aid and CPR valid for 2 years

·         Get access to first aid and CPR training-ideal for schools, child care providers, youth sports coaches, and others that require knowledge in how to respond to medical emergencies





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