Spring classes begin January 4th, 2017
On January 04, 2017 classes begin for our spring semester. I hope that all who are looking to improve and enrich their educational experiences take the initiative to sign up for one or more of the many classes we offer. Each year over 6,000 students take advantage of our Adult Education program to earn their high school diploma, a GED, obtain a career technical education certificate and increase their work skills, learn English, or become a citizen. There is no fee for registration or taking a course(s).  The only cost to our students is for textbooks and regular school supplies. 
Over the holiday break, the Independence Adult Center will begin construction on a new administration building. Classes will continue during the construction time. The entire 100 Building, with the exception of the assessment center in room 102, will be occupied by the administration staff. The student lounge will not be available for student use during this time. 
The goal is to complete the new building by late July. We hope to be in our new home by the time school starts in August 2017. 
Another important note (featured in this catalog) is the beginning of a new course of study for GED. We will be offering our GED course as a distant learning program. This is a hybrid of an Independent Study program.  In the distant learning program, students will need to meet with the instructor at least once per week. This can be scheduled or on a drop-in basis. The teacher in this program will be available for individual or group tutoring Monday through Thursday from 12:30 to 3:30 or through a Google classroom for this program. 
Google classroom is another new tool our staff will be experimenting with this spring. Google classroom is another way to communicate with your teacher. In this application, students can pose questions about an assignment and receive feedback from the teacher without having to see the teacher in person. The teacher can communicate with the entire class or with an individual student about assignments, post new assignments or resources for students to use. This application will be especially useful in our distant learning GED class or any of our high school diploma classes. Although not mandatory for staff to participate in the Google classroom platform, there has been a significant number of teachers who have expressed an interest in setting up Google classroom for their classes.
One of our major goal for the 2016-17 school year was to give our students greater access to technology in the classroom. Prior to this year, we had two ESL labs, and two
Adult Secondary Education labs available for student and teacher use. Over the past
six months, we have added four Dell Laptop and five Chromebook mobile labs. Our
goal is to provide one mobile computer lab for every two classrooms. I hope to have
four more mobile labs in use by the end of the spring semester.
We currently have two major software packages available for student access outside of school. Each student enrolled in a class using the software is given a student access code and since our software is web-based students can log into the software from anywhere they have access to a computer or mobile device. We are currently researching a third web based software that will give our high school diploma students access to a  wide range of courses that can be taken online or in a blended learning model which students work partially from home and also at school.  These options should be in place by the end of the spring semester.

There are many new and exciting things happening here at East Side Adult Education, and I can reassure you that this is the place for you to be if you are looking to improve your skills or completing your education.

Richard Uribe,

Director, East Side Adult Education